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Professional Booklets


Modularisation for Modernisation: A Strategy Paper Rethinking Hong Kong Construction

Wei Pan, Yi Yang, Zhiqian Zhang and Sam Chan, 2019

Modularisation carried by the MiC approach offers a golden opportunity to unleash productive forces, shape the relations of production and enhance construction productivity, quality, safety and sustainability, hence supporting the modernisation of Hong Kong construction.


Wei Pan, Zhiqian Zhang, Mingcheng Xie, and Tianyao Ping, 2020

This booklet reports the performances of MiC projects evaluated using a systematic framework of key performance indicators (KPIs), and aims to demonstrate evidence-based benefits of adopting MiC for high-rise development and uplift MiC to a new height.


Wei Pan, Zhiqian Zhang, Mingcheng Xie, and Tianyao Ping, 2020

This Guidebook is the first of its kind for MiC performance measurement. It provides a systematic framework of KPIs to measure and benchmark MiC project performance in all social, environmental and economic aspects.


Wei Pan, Zhiqian Zhang, Yi Yang, 2020

This Glossary of MiC is a comprehensive list of defined and illustrated terms related to MiC and offsite construction. It has been compiled to improve the understanding of MiC within the construction industry and knowledge community and thus enable these core groups to advance their application of MiC based on a consistent set of information and principles.


Wei Pan, Jiewen Wu, Mingcheng Xie, Yidan Zhang, Mi Pan, and Yi Yang, 2021

This report presents the research findings of the drivers, opportunities, constraints, concerns, measures and strategies for the MiC supply chain in the GBA for HK’s development and provides recommendations for stakeholders to take strategic actions to facilitate MiC adoption.

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