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Modular Integrated Construction Performance Measurement: Guidebook

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Pan, W., Zhang, Z. Q., Xie, M. C., & Ping, T.Y.  (2020). Modular Integrated Construction Performance Measurement: Guidebook. The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.ISBN: 978-962-8014-28-6

"This Guidebook provides an important contribution to both the research and practice of modular construction. In terms of research, the Guidebook provides a systematic framework of KPIs for MiC project performance measurement, which expands the conventional framework/models of performance measurement. The proposed KPIs and their measurement methods enhance the knowledge base of modular construction. With regard to practice, the Guidebook can help project stakeholders effectively benchmark and compare the performance of their MiC projects in all relevant social, environmental and economic aspects and thus facilitate the wide adoption of modular construction.."

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