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MiC in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, a new concept of “Modular Integrated Construction (MiC)” was created based on the collaboration between the Centre for Innovation in Construction and Infrastructure Development (CICID) of The University of Hong Kong and the Development Bureau (DEVB) of the HKSAR Government.

The concept of MiC was adopted in the Policy Address 2017 of the HKSAR Government as an innovative construction method. The Policy Address 2018 further promoted the wide adoption of MiC in Hong Kong. A number of MiC pilot projects have been initiated and executed. Several MiC quarantine camps have also been delivered in response to the outbreak of the COVID-19.


MiC builds on the modular construction approach but emphasises the integration of advanced manufacturing and smart construction technologies into the reengineered building project delivery processes. The concept of MiC was systematically defined by Pan and Hon (2018) as “a game-changing disruptively-innovative approach to transforming fragmented site-based construction of buildings and facilities into integrated value-driven production and assembly of pre-finished modules with the opportunity to realise enhanced quality, productivity, safety and sustainability.”


MiC offers a golden opportunity to unleash productive forces, shape the relations of production, and enhance construction productivity, quality, safety and sustainability.

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