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Welcome to the modular integrated construction laboratory (MiCLab) !

Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) has recently been introduced to Hong Kong to address the issues of low productivity, rising construction cost and shortage of skilled labour the construction industry is saddled with. The current dynamics of the construction industry make MiC an ideal solution, that requires full exploration. The government of the HKSAR has acknowledged this approach as suitable for surmounting the challenges at hand and registered its support for its adoption. However, the lack of experience, requires that adequate background and preparatory work be carried out to enjoy the full benefits envisaged.

The MiCLab was established in 2020 to lead innovative research in MiC to enhance its widespread uptake and adoption in Hong Kong and beyond. It is the first Lab, dedicated solely to the enhancement of research in MiC. The vision of the MiCLab is to become the global hub for research and consultancy in MiC-related issues, within the sub-region and beyond, offering a comprehensive range of services including but not limited to; integration of innovative and smart building technologies with MiC project delivery, MiC supply chain and logistics, Design of modular structures, MiC project feasibility analysis.

Since its inception, the MiCLab has undertaken world-class research projects that has culminated in the production of top-notch outputs. The findings of our research have been published in leading academic peer-reviewed journals of wide circulation. Additionally, our research findings have been presented at conferences, seminars and workshops, revealing our commitment to enhancing the knowledge about modularisation and keeping practitioners and academics abreast with current best practices in the area of modular construction.

With the collaboration and support from the government and our industry partners, we hope to continue to support the modularisation drive by carrying out relevant and cutting-edge research that produce relevant results for MiC project design, construction, operation and maintenance. We also strive to influence public policy with our research outcomes, as we constantly interact with the relevant government departments that oversee MiC in Hong Kong.

Professor Wei PAN

MiCLab Director

Head of Department of Civil Engineering

Executive Director, Centre for Innovation in Construction and Infrastructure Development

Professor in Construction Engineering & Management, Department of Civil Engineering

The University of Hong Kong

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