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HKU CICID Welcome CE's Policy Address on MiC Promotion

In the Policy Address today, Chief Executive Mr Lee Ka-chiu said that the Development Bureau will establish a cross-departmental steering committee for coordinating the development of high productivity construction methods such as Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) to uplift the productivity of the construction industry and to strengthen the leading regional position of Hong Kong’s construction industry in the adoption of MiC. Mr Lee also mentioned that the Hong Kong Housing Authority and Hong Kong Housing Society will adopt the MiC approach in more public housing projects to enhance the speed of project delivery.


“The Policy Address 2022 delivered by the Chief Executive makes far-reaching impact on the construction industry through encouraging more innovation and technology adoption such as MiC, which greatly boosts the confidence of not only the industry locally but also the whole supply chain in the Greater Bay Area and beyond. We welcome the initiatives proposed in this Policy Address and believe that the initiatives and strategies will effectively address the critical challenges faced by the built environment,” said Professor Wei Pan, Executive Director of the Centre for Innovation in Construction and Infrastructure Development and Director of MiC Laboratory of The University of Hong Kong.



HKU CICID was established in 2002, with the aim to foster continuous improvements and excellence in the construction industry and infrastructure development in particular, through the development of innovative strategies and techniques. CICID targets to be a “Centre of Excellence” for research, discourse and dissemination of innovations in infrastructure, construction management and methodologies, and interdisciplinary research.


Modular Integrated Construction Laboratory (MiCLab)

MiCLab, based at the Department of Civil Engineering of HKU, was founded in 2020. MiCLab stands at the frontier of MiC research focusing on smart construction technologies, innovative structural and material solutions, project delivery and supply chain management of MiC. We also provide professional services and advice to the government and industry to facilitate better adoption of MiC technologies in real-life projects. 


MiCLab 於 2020 年成立於香港大學土木工程系。該實驗室引領世界組合模塊化建造的研究與發展,專註於智能建造技術、創新結構和材料、項目交付和供應鏈管理。與此同時,我們還為政府和業界提供專業服務和咨詢,以確保組裝合成模塊化技術得到更好地應用。

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