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HKU Centre for Innovation in Construction & Infrastructure Development Celebrates 20th Anniversary with “Capacity, Innovation, Smart and Sustainability” Conference

The Centre for Innovation in Construction & Infrastructure Development (CICID) of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) held a conference named “Hong Kong 2050 – A City for the People: Capacity, Innovation, Smart and Sustainability” today (December 12) to celebrate its 20th anniversary. 

“CICID has proven to be a major driver in propelling innovation and best practices in the construction industry and an unfailing partner in supporting DEVB and government’s initiatives,” Ms. Bernadette Linn, JP, Secretary for Development of the HKSAR Government said in her Opening Address, adding: “Capacity, Innovation, Smart and Sustainability are the key elements for a brighter tomorrow for Hong Kong.” 


Professor Richard Wong, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor of HKU in the Welcome Speech said: “The Centre has extensively engaged with partners and supporters via the Academia-Government-Industry networks to dissimilate research findings that have contributed knowledge to construction engineering and engineering management; and inspired innovative industrial practices and informed policies in a number of areas.”

Ir Ricky Lau, Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) in his Keynote Speech said: “The success of sustainable development of Hong Kong requires joint contribution and commitment from the Government, the universities and the industry. CICID is a best demonstration of “University-Government-Industry” collaboration, a pioneer with lot of great researches and contributions in driving innovation and best practices in construction industry.”

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Other prominent overseas and local experts and industry leaders shared their insight. Ir. Thomas Ho, Chairman of Construction Industry Council voiced a timely concern about construction safety and stressed design for safety, roles and responsibility and smart sites. Mr James Lee, Chief Executive Officer (Executive Director) of Paul Y. Engineering Group echoed Ir Ricky Lau that fundamental changes in the construction industry is already taking shape when site construction has quickly been replaced by manufacturing processes off site. Prof. Makarand Hastak, President of the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building & Construction also delivered the Keynote Speech and shared his expertise on advances in construction excellence and outlook for the construction industry in the future. Mr. Michael Li, Deputy Director of Architectural Services of the HKSAR Government, Ir Dr. Conrad Wong, Vice Chairman of Yau Lee Construction, Prof. Jacqueline Glass, Professor of Construction Management at University College London, and Prof. C.F. Lee, Chairman of CICID also shared their knowledge regarding construction innovation and infrastructure development.

Professor Wei Pan, Executive Director of CICID said: “With strong support from and well-established collaboration with government, industry and other local or overseas research institutions, CICID devotes to assisting the construction industry in enhancing productivity and achieving carbon neutrality through smart and modular construction.”

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Professor C.K. Mak, Vice Chairman of CICID expressed his gratitude to all present at the conference, especially the strong support by the government, industry partners and other research institutions that will certainly be conducive to the Centre’s future development.

CICID of HKU was established in 2002. The aim of CICID is to foster continuous improvements and excellence in the construction industry and infrastructure development in particular, through the development of innovative strategies and techniques. CICID targets to be a “Centre of Excellence” for research, discourse and dissemination of innovations in infrastructure, construction management and methodologies, and interdisciplinary research.

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