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Strategic Public Policy Forum

HKU CICID and MiCLab held a Strategic Public Policy Forum titled "Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) Supply Chain in the Greater Bay Area for Hong Kong Development: Preliminary Policy Roadmap and Action Plan"

The Centre for Innovation in Construction and Infrastructure Development (CICID) and the MiC Laboratory (MiCLab) of the Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong (HKU) held a Strategic Public Policy Forum titled "Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) Supply Chain in the Greater Bay Area for Hong Kong Development: Preliminary Policy Roadmap and Action Plan” on August 30. The event gathered prominent speakers from government, industry and academia to share state-of-the-art research, practices and policies for enhancing the MiC supply chain.

Professor Wei PAN, Acting Executive Vice-President (Administration & Finance) of HKU and Director of MiCLab, delivered the Welcome Remarks. He emphasized the significant growth in MiC adoption in Hong Kong since 2017, but noted that the MiC supply chain faces various technical and management challenges.

“This Strategic Public Policy Research project aims to establish a favourable business environment and recommend a policy roadmap with an action plan for enhancing the MiC supply chain in the GBA for HK development. The forum as part of this research project is to share the preliminary policy roadmap and key findings of the project and to collect feedback from wide stakeholders. The insights and connections forged during this event will contribute to the advancement of not only the MiC supply chain but also the development of a more productive industry and sustainable built environment,” said Professor Pan.

Ir Ricky LAU, JP, Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) of the Development Bureau, HKSAR Government, delivered the Opening and Keynote speech. “CICID is an unfailing partner in supporting government’s initiatives in promoting MiC. This Forum today is a very timely occasion that brings together different industry leaders to offer views on how to enable the healthy development of MiC supply chain in the GBA. The forum represents the collaborative effort of the whole industry in developing the MiC technology and transforming our construction process”, he said.

Other distinguished speakers included Mr Jianming LIANG, President of the Guangdong Construction Industry Association; Ir Dr Conrad WONG, BBS, JP, Vice Chairman of Yau Lee Holdings Limited; Mr Michael LI, JP, Deputy Director of Architectural Services, Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government; Dr David-John Gibbs, Director (Infrastructure Advisory) of Ernst & Young Transactions Limited; and Mr Kun DING, Executive Director of Yahgee Modular House. They shared their expertise, experience and insights regarding the MiC supply chain in the GBA to facilitate Hong Kong’s development.

In addition, witnessed by Ir Ricky LAU, Permanent Secretary for Development (Works), and Professor David Srolovitz, Dean of Engineering of HKU, Director of MiCLab Prof Wei PAN and Mr Michael LI, Deputy Director of Architectural Services of HKSAR Government jointly signed the Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen the Government-University collaboration on exploring opportunities to develop and promote the effective use of MiC and to support the research and development of MiC in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area, followed by the launch of a study on MiC safe lifting supported by the Development Bureau.

About the forum

The forum is part of the research project entitled “Enhancing Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) Supply Chain in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) for Hong Kong (HK) Development”, led by Professor Wei PAN, Executive Director of CICID, HKU, and funded by the Strategic Public Policy Research (SPPR) funding scheme (Project Number: S2019.A8.013) of HKSAR Government.


CICID of HKU was established in 2002, aiming to foster continuous improvements and excellence in the construction industry and infrastructure development in particular, through the development of innovative strategies and techniques. CICID targets to be a “Centre of Excellence” for research, discourse and dissemination of innovations in infrastructure, construction management and methodologies, and interdisciplinary research.

About HKU MiCLab

MiCLab was established in 2020 to lead innovative research in MiC to enhance its widespread uptake and adoption in Hong Kong and beyond. MiCLab involves a team of researchers with diverse research backgrounds covering construction engineering and management, structural engineering and material science, computer and control science, and supply chain management, etc. MiCLab has been conducting systematic research and development on MiC.

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