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Metaverse Hackathon Award at CONVR2022

Metaverse Hackathon Award at CONVR2022

Our collaborative research, led by Prof. Wei Pan and Dr. Zhiqian Zhang from the University of Hong Kong, and Prof. Angus Lam and Dr. Mun On Wong from the University of Macau, recently won the 3rd Winner Award in the Metaverse Hackathon For Digitalization and Decarbonization in Construction at the 22nd International Conference on Construction Application of Virtual Reality (CONVR 2022).

CONVR Award.jpg

The event attracted 17 international teams from 13 universities and 2 companies to share the state-of-the-art research in Digital Twin, AI, Blockchain, VR/AR/MR for construction revolution. Our research, “Loco-AR: Lift Operation Coordination using BIM and Multi-user AR”, provided a novel solution to superimpose real-time 4D BIM to physical construction sites and empower information sharing among crane-lift co-workers at various locations, aiming to enhance the collaboration culture for the construction industry. The research should also facilitate safe and efficient MiC project delivery. The awarded research was supported by the Research Impact Fund of the Hong Kong Research Grant Council (Project No.: HKU R7027-18).


The video is available at:

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