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"Silver Award" for CIOB (Hong Kong) Outstanding Paper


From left to right: Professor Wei Pan (second), Mi Pan (sixth), Yi Yang (seventh), with the presenter Mr WONG Wai-lun, the Secretary for Development (SDEV) (eighth), and other awardees and honourable guests. 

Ms Yi Yang and Mi Pan,  both from the Department of  Civil Engineering  –  have been granted the silver award in the  Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB Hong Kong) Outstanding Paper Awards Competition 2018.  The aim of this CIOB (HK) Outstanding Paper Awards was to promote the excellence in construction management and to inspire students in Hong Kong to explore and share smart construction approaches with a focus on the theme“Smart Construction and Collaborate Excellence”. Yi and Mi’s awarded paper focuses on examining the interactions between innovative building technologies by exploring the co-evolutionary processes of two prominent innovative building technologies, namely, Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) and robotics, for high-rise building construction in Hong Kong. In their paper, a range of practical implications and recommendation are provided for public policy and success strategies for Hong Kong building industry to reap the benefits from innovation in the long run.

Relevant publication:

Yang, Y., Pan, M., & Pan, W. (2019). ‘Co-evolution through interaction’ of innovative building technologies: The case of modular integrated construction and robotics. Automation in Construction, 107, 102932.

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