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Feasibilities of Adopting Modular Integrated Construction for Building in Hong Kong


More recently, there have been cases of exploration of modular construction technologies for high-rise buildings in many countries including UK, Singapore and Mainland China. However, worldwide there have been still very few cases of high-rise modular buildings to date, and in Hong Kong there is still no completed permanent modular building. Even if the client or contractor has the incentive to adopt modular construction, the extent and scope would be limited by the lack of necessary provisions in building design or procurement. This study comprises a comprehensive and rigorous examination of the feasibility of adopting the modular integrated construction (MiC) for high-rise buildings in Hong Kong with the aim to realise the benefits of adopting the MiC technology for enhancing the productivity and competitiveness of the Hong Kong construction industry.




This project is led and coordinated by Professor Wei Pan of Department of Civil Engineering of The University of Hong Kong (HKU), with project team members from HKU, collaborators and supporters from a wide range of government and industry organisations in Hong Kong, as well as practitioners on modular construction internationally.


This project is funded by the Development Bureau of the Government of HKSAR (Project Number: 200008191).

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